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Tomaczek's 4th of July Birthday Party

Rita Cosby's boyfriend Tomaczek's birthday party in the Hampton's July 4th.

Celebrated July 4th with a July 4th baby-- great to be born on that day thats special for our country. Rita got him customized Frank Stella shirts, and I brought a copy of my "Complete Idiot's Guide to Tantric Sex" book, and a beautiful Sake bottle - from myself and my bandmate Russell Daisey since we had just come back from our concert tour in Japan. Everyone joked about which page would be the best. And the jokes got more intense when Tom opened the next gift which was a very fancy corkscrew (since he likes wines)! Nice to be with good friends and family on a special day that signals our country's independence. I thought a lot about what independence means to us individually and for the world.And how people need to break free from any co-dependence - have talked a lot about that on the radio over so many years.

We talked about our country's wars-- I feel proud of our country and strongly patriotic, thinking of how my father fought in WWII (and hte Korean war).I have all his paraphrenalia and his helmet hangs on the wall by my desk. Ialso talked about the irony of how North Korea set off nuclear tests - so ironically just days after Russell and I were in Japan doing concerts about peace and anti-nuclear war!! Russell think they purposefully timed the tests to snubthe US on our independence day.Someonejoked that maybe they were aware of our concerts and symposium in Japan against nuclear war and decided toreact after that, since the tests proved they could reach Japan!

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