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Psychological First Aide in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, February 4, 2010. Noted clinical psychologist, expert in disaster intervention, and well-known TV and radio personality, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, was on the ground within days of the earthquake in Haiti to give “psychological first aide” to survivors and responders. Working with a Haitian-born Catholic priest, Father Wismick Jean Charles, Dr. Judy trained a group of 35 youth, including Haitian Boy Scouts and students, to serve as “comforters” of the wounded. The youth are still visiting patients at the hospital, carrying on their support to those suffering.

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Renowned American Psychologist Trains Haitian Boy Scouts to Give Emotional Support to Haiti Earthquake Survivors

PORT-AU-PRINCE, February 4, 2010. Recognized New York clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky arrived in Haiti five days after the quake with Haitian Catholic priest Father Wismick Jean Charles to assess the mental health needs of the people.  At the local hospital where their support station was set up, Dr. Judy encountered a group of Boy Scouts and immediately recruited them to be “comforters” to soothe the wounded minds and souls of hundreds of patients lined on blankets outside. 

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