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I am 37 & my wife is 35, Almost 6 years of marriage, we are planing for a child last 1 and half years. But during this period, I personally feel lack of desire of Sex . Mainly those days, where Dr. told us, that we should do Intercourse, during this routine. Due to this, I am not feeling good or Sometime not prepare my body for Sex play, feeling disturb, or sometime lose concentration during Intercourse.

Our general intercourse rate is average or even low , not more than 3 to 4 times within a month. But in general when we meet without any pre-schedule planning, I feel energetic & everything goes fine. But when Dr. tell us do the Intercourse in that routine Manner (14 to 17 day after period), every day, or alternative day, nothing going smoothly. Even I feel this unwillingness (lack of desire), even more than My Wife.

We are use to in foreplay, but this period, whenever we do intercourse I feel mechanical sex, rather than the normal one. I observed my wife ready to the Intercourse asap, as because Dr. advised, may be she is not prefer herself for Intercourse, as a result of that facing problem Vaginal dryness, boring & painful sex. And sometime Intercourse is not properly completed, because lose of concentration , which feel me very much frustrating. Rather than the enjoyment, it make my-self FEAR of sex, that I may not perform well or other negative feelings. Or feel my-self detach during sex, not prepare my body for sex.

Now most of the time I feel enjoyment during masturbate rather than Intercourse.

I know there is a mental pressure, that our age cross the limit of having child, so my is frustrated as well for this, She feel some time I am not willing to family planning. But it is not the case, I am unable to boost my self.

Unable to understand what to do.

February 13, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterPrince