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Ever wonder what signals you send to the opposite sex? Take this quiz to find out!

It's hard to meet new people, but sometimes they just show up in your life and motion that they might want to get to know you. How you react determines whether the initial attraction goes further. Take this quiz to see how approachable you are, based on how you behave.

1. You're standing on line at the movie theatre complex and an attractive guy taps you on the shoulder and says you're the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and asks which movie you’re going to. You …

A) Brighten up like a 150 watt light bulb at the compliment, and proceed to tell him the movie you're going to and ask whether he'd like to sit next to you.

B) Tell him you don't usually talk to strangers but you thank him for the compliment and ask what he's picked before you decide to buy a ticket for the same flick.

C) Tell him he’s obnoxiously forward and should buzz off.

2. A sexy-looking guy smiles at you while you're buying a latte at Starbucks and motions that there's an empty seat at his table. You …

A) Quickly pay for your latte, forgetting your change and head over to his table.

B) Leisurely look over at the muffins on the counter, and keep glancing in his direction. When you finish paying, you go over to the window and stand there drinking your coffee and munching your muffin until he comes over to you.

C) Buy your coffee and muffin and walk to the other side of the store, sit down at another table and open your computer, burying yourself in your e-mail.

3. You’re at a party and your friend tells you that she notices a guy staring at you. She suggests that you go talk to him. You …

A) Make a bee-line to talk to him and tell him that your friend saw that he was looking at you and you're pleased as punch about it.

B) Smile in his direction and look over a few times to see if he is still looking. Then you tell your friend to walk over to the punch bowl closer to where he is, to see whether he moves in your direction too.

C) Tell her that you would never do anything like that and purposefully cross to the opposite side of the room.

4. You're in the supermarket buying vegetables and a male voice asks you advice about which size tomatoes are best for a salad. You glance up and notice he's hot. You …

A) Tell him that any type of tomato works. Then you pick up a bottle of dressing and ask whether he is eating that salad alone or whether he’s looking for someone to eat those salad mixings with him.

B) Continue to examine the different types of tomatoes. Then occasionally look up at him while explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages between the small cherry tomatoes you just pop in your mouth and the large ones you have to struggle to cut.

C) You pretend you don't hear the question and quickly wheel your basket away from the produce section without looking back.

5. You get up from your seat where you're having dinner with friends and go to the restroom. On the way out, you bump into a guy coming out of the men’s room. He smiles and asks if you’re okay and if you come to this restaurant often. He’s just your type. You …

A) Tell him that you live just a few blocks away and invite him to come over to your table and join you and your friends.

B) Smile demurely and joke that you might need to go to the hospital but you think you're fine. Then mention that you do come here often and ask whether he likes the food.

C) Hurriedly tell him you’re fine and rush back to your table, never looking back.

Look Below to Get Your Results

If You Had Mostly "A's" You're Too Eager:

You are definitely open, but act too impulsively when you're approached. You need to be a little cautious because not everyone who wants to meet you may be above-board. Some strangers may seem cool at first, but are not worth your while or could even be trouble.

If You Had Mostly "B's" You're Enticing:

You give off signals that you might be interested, but you know you should be a little cautious and play a little hard to get in the beginning. It's a good balance to strike because you leave the door open for what's possible but you're careful not to come off too easy or too stand-offish.

If You Had Mostly "C's" You're Intimidating:

Whether or not you might be interested, you give off signals that you're not interested and too hard to get. You might want to soften your reactions, if you want guys to feel confident enough that they can get their foot in the door with you. Examine whether you're a tough nut to crack because you're scared or have been burned in the past. You could be missing a wonderful opportunity to meet the guy of your dreams.

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