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My husband and I were divorced about 3 months ago. We have a 4 yr old daughter who spend more of her time to her dad than me because it was one of the things we agreed upOn. Now I am in a new relationship with a wonderful man. He cares for my daughter as his own and she turned out liking him too. My ex-husband and my man now didn't meet yet because I am afraid conflict may arise once this happens. What I just feel uncomfortable with is the fact that it hurts every time I drop my daughter off to her dad. It makes me want to go back to the same family I had but then Again I have to adjust with the same problems we had when we were together. He is not bad but he doesn't have his own decisions because he still lives with his mother and some of his brothers. This man I am right now is asking me what my decision is. Do I have to go back to my daughter's dad so I will be able to take care of her more? Or just continue with this relationship now? Please help me what to do. Thanks.

September 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlohasmile

Allow me to explain myself a bit. I am a father with three children and three different baby mothers. Right now I am with my last and so far niether of them have made me happy. but i do not regret my decisions. Happiness to me is a crucial thing in a relationship. I have tried it out for my kids but the stress that arose on me and my child wasnt worth the effort. my children might be too young to know the difference of how I am when I am happy or not, but at the same time for thier sake I put on a mask. My suggestion is to continue your relationship and establish a bond between your EX and new man, for your daughter will be around him when she visits. From what I have come to realize just because my children don't live with me doesnt mean that they are not my family. My children is what follows and grows with me for the rest of my life reguardless if I am alone or with a partner. ..... Hope that helps anything.

September 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAustin Brookman