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I'm from Brazil. I have read your manual for Tantric Sex, and liked very much.
I'm male, 32. I have a friend (female 26). She lived in my house with my family for a while, we were 8 and 14. Eight years ago we have found each other on Orkut (a Brazilian Facebook). She became then the closest friend that I ever had.
Our level of intimacy was always over any limits, but “sex things” wasn’t reality. I had a girlfriend, and she became jealous, she had, and I was jealous… Our “standalone” relationships were always going down when a gf or bf knew the partner’s friend. So they usually became jealous, because of our level of friendship.
Since April/2012 we are in a wird time of strong kind of feelings. We were high (a bit drunk) on our first kiss (there in April), but we could feel the other one’s heart beating. She told me that was too much for her. I thought I was having a stroke (a good one). The sex trial was not good because of me. I was nervous, she was too… Everything was a mess. But we love each other. Breaking apart is not an option anymore, we have tried once but it was not a success.
I need to know what kind of analysis I should do to understand it as a relationship going down, getting started, or just a friendship that must be classified and regulated as one. Or, if there is a kind of training our intimacy? A therapy? If there is a book we should read, any kind of professional we should see, please let me know.
I'm sorry about this inconvenience and for my english.

Thank you!
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June 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBattom