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I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year. We moved in together in April. After a month of being together and telling him my "number" he became very jealous, always questionning everything i did, Not trusting me, questionning what I wear, always thinking that i am cheating on him and telling me that I am not attracted to him. All of which are NOT TRUE! He argue about the last everyday! Its becoming more and more stressfull. He does not like most of my family. We talk and talk and talk and nothing every changes. I love him to death and do not want to break up with him. But he seems to give up quit easily when we argue as in " ok then, let's break up!" or says things like " i've given up and put my feelings aside, do what you want, be with other people". He is very self consious about his physical appearence (which by the way he is very very hot!) He is constanly working out and taking Pills and shakes to make him self look better. I worry about what damage this will do to him. He thinks that if he gains muscle and loses weight that I will be more attracted to him.. Well I AM attracted to him very much. Now that he acting this way, i am not making moves on him because i dont really feel like being rejected like I often do when I try to do things to him. He does not think that HE has to change a thing, but its me that needs to change... I know i give attitude sometimes, and I always apologize first, even when its not my fault. that is something I can change, but when i am not getting anything back, i just feel like i have to defent myself. He does not want to go see someone to help us either. My family and friends have toldme that i have changed a lot since meeting him. I make my plans around him and always make he comes first. That is what they are telling me... I know his self confident issues are his and not mine, but I love him to death. But it just seems that maybe the best option is for us to break up. I can go on and on and on but i guess i am just looking for someone to tell me what to do...

June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNotsurewhattodo

Get rid of this guy, the biggest mistake you made was telling him your "number" ultimate no no that's none of his or any man's business b/c men are full of it they will always use it against you in an argument or anything else. This is not a healthy relationship you shouldn't allow anyone to question you or control you the way he does and he shouldn't be the only focus in your life and his problems are HIS not yours and if he doesn't feel he has a problem he's not going to seek help. Don't waste another year of your life on this guy. Looks aren't everything.

August 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJP