The Reason Why You Should Go See "Temple of the Souls"
Sunday, July 16, 2017 at 01:54PM
Dr. Judy Kuriansky

Popular Sex Therapist and UN Advisor, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, is the Executive Producer of the upcoming world premiere musical Temple of the Souls at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF).

"The virtual extinction of the native Taíno people by Spanish colonizers in 16th-century Puerto Rico serves as the background for the new musical, Temple of the Souls... Using a "Romeo and Juliet" love affair between a Taíno man and the daughter of a conquistador to depict the tragic consequences of that cultural collision.” (Backstage)

The theme of cultural-divide in Temple of the Souls – with the Taíno natives persecuted by the conquering Spaniards -- is a passion of Dr. Judy's as she has produced multiple events at the UN, such as the “World Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” and “Interfaith Harmony Week,” as well as her books on the Middle East crisis, including “Terror in the Holy Land” and “Beyond Bullets and Bombs,” and her work for peace, in her “Stand Up for Peace Project” and “Global Kids Connect Project.”

In the play, set in the 16th Century Puerto Rico, the lovers, Guario, a young Taíno runaway, and Amada, the daughter of a Spanish Conquistador, meet by chance during a raucous Fiesta, but their union is thwarted by the intolerant world around them. The star-crossed lovers escape to the Temple of the Souls, to blend their two worlds with their forbidden love stronger than death. 

The theme of cultural divide is exceptionally relevant in today’s world.  Says, psychologist Kuriansky, a professor at Columbia University, who is popularly known as “Dr. Judy” from her years giving top-rated call-in advice on the radio, “The success of this romance is imperative to show the world today about the power of blending culture and race, and in turn, to decrease hatred and increase social tolerance and peace.  This is the hope for our present and future.”  

Dr. Judy is available to talk about her involvement in the play and her expertise on the subject of cultural differences.

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