Temple of the Souls - the MUST SEE musical !
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 10:02AM
Dr. Judy Kuriansky

Are Romeo and Juliet dead?  No! Forbidden love is alive and well this summer on stage in a mystical rainforest in an exciting must-see
musical, Temple of the Souls, that enchantingly portrays the fate of star-crossed lovers, a native Puerto-Rican Taíno youth and the daughter
 of a conquistador, that depicts “the tragic consequences of that cultural collision” (Backstage).

Noted relationship and love expert, author, and TV and radio personality Dr. Judy Kuriansky, is the Executive Producer of this West Side Story-type love affair, this July at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF).
Why is Dr. Judy supporting Temple of the Souls so wholeheartedly?  As a famous relationship expert, the star-crossed lovers/Romeo and Juliet-theme of Temple of the Souls is her expertise, evidenced in her giving advice to thousands on her popular call-in radio show “LovePhones” and in her many books, “The Complete Idiots Guide to Dating” and “The Complete Idiots Guide to A Healthy Relationship.”
“Falling in love from different ethnic, racial, age, or socio-economic backgrounds is more common today,” says Dr. Judy. “But couples still have to bridge their gaps and understand each other to make love last.”
Dr. Judy is available to speak about her involvement in the show and her expertise on the subject of love and forbidden love, and trends in choosing partners today:
·       Are the Romeo and Juliet-type relationships alive today for real couples?
·       Are more singles choosing partners of clashing cultures or backgrounds?
·       What differences are easiest or hardest to cope with for couples?
·       What do culture-clash couples have to do to make their relationship work?
·       What blocks and objections do culture-clash couples face today?
·       What are the 5 secrets to compatibility in a relationship?
·       What can we learn from this play and star-crossed love that will help heal the divides that exist in our   culture today?

For tickets, contact http://www.nymf.org/festival/2017-events/temple-souls/ or call 212-352-3101. 


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