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Its well know that guys ejaculate...but is it true that women can ejaculate as well?

August 12, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSex-perts BFF

Hello BFF! Yes, it is true that women can ejaculate! Unlike male ejaculation, female ejaculation is not an expected (or commonly mentioned) part of sexual arousal. There are many reasons why this is not the case.

One reason why female ejaculation is not commonly mentioned is because scientists, doctors, men, and women are all still trying to wrap their heads around what is actually happening when a woman does ejaculate. The whole idea of female ejaculation is a slippery slope of questions because there are a number of factors that are still being challenged by researchers and doctors.

The first mind-bending piece is what exactly is coming out of us (women) when we ejaculate? I think this is such a prominent question because traditionally our sex-parts are thought to be inside of our bodies and that’s where they stay. Right? For many people, men ejaculate their sperm for the purpose of procreation and that makes sense. However, what reproductive purpose does female ejaculation have? Well, the answer, quite frankly is that it doesn’t! So, that could only mean one of two things. Either female ejaculate is for pleasure or it is urine.

Here is why people are having trouble finding an answer to this dichotomy. Female ejaculate comes from the urethra, where urine is expelled. So, that would make sense if female ejaculate were actually urine. However, studies have shown that the substance that comes out during ejaculation for women is not urine. Yes, there are traces of urea in female ejaculate, but it is not urine. So, that means that the only purpose left for female ejaculation is for pleasure, right?

At first I didn’t quite buy into the female ejaculation phenomenon because I had never experienced or observed it. However, I did see a female ejaculation happen during one of my courses. We had to do a comparative review of 3 different pornographic genres. So, during a scene in a Lesbian adult film called, “The Crash Pad,” I finally saw a female ejaculation take place. I must say I was shocked at how much liquid was spewing from this woman’s urethra! Sometimes female ejaculation (similar to male ejaculation) involves a lot of liquid and other times it is just a few drops. If you would like to see for yourself what a female ejaculation looks like I suggest renting “The Crash Pad” or you could probably do an Internet search for a video of it.

I think the bottom line here is, that everyone should do his or her homework. If you have heard about something, read up on it. There is a lot of debate about Female Ejaculation because it challenges what religious groups have been teaching for centuries (the purpose of sex is to reproduce) and since FE doesn’t happen to every woman, every time it can sometimes seem like an Urban Legend. But, I assure you, that Female Ejaculation is real even if it is less common than male ejaculation. ☺ Thanks for your question! I think it is great for everyone to know that this is not a myth it is just infrequently experienced and/or talked about.
Keep these great questions coming! ☺

Your Loving Sex-pert,



October 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterEmily Owens